AIM at Melanoma provides comprehensive information on the four stages of the disease, the most recently approved medications, and current news. Their international website includes survivor stories, questions to ask your medical team, a discussion board, symposiums, clinical trials, nurse-on-call lines, email connection, and an extensive A-Z glossary of terms.

Melanoma International Foundation has extensive information on melanoma, from facts to prevention, understanding pathology and biopsy results, and treatment options. Their easily navigated website also has an A-Z glossary of terms, global resources, treatment centers, publications, clinical trials, extensive webinars, and forums.

Melanoma Research Foundation is dedicated to educating, advocating, and supporting/participating in research. The comprehensive website shares information about the disease, resources, research, community profiles, chat rooms, forums, blogs, and support.

Mollie’s Fund provides melanoma awareness and education. Their website includes a local UV Index finder and a “Have you checked your skin lately?” app for iPhone/iPad or Android that includes an ABCD mole self-check.

Skin Cancer Foundation is focused on education, prevention, early detection, and prompt treatment, including warning signs, skin care tips, and tanning warnings. This international website includes guides to early detection, free screening sites, videos on sun protection and awareness, treatment procedures, and survivor stories.

As you continue your research about skin cancer, reduce your risk of this common disease with these five tips.