A shared interest in songwriting and a natural desire to help others led Burt and Mackenzie Peterson to write a song about cancer.

Burt has been playing guitar and singing since he was a young child, following his grandfather’s legacy of musical talent.  He has enjoyed playing in a variety of settings from church to barbecues and wedding dances.  He has never picked up an instrument without being able to pick out a familiar tune.  He has a deep love for old country music, as it reminds him of his childhood.  He is also fond of blues, which offers a unique opportunity to reach the soul.  Music is the foundation of Burt’s life and persona.

Mackenzie played a variety of musical instruments during her childhood and teenage years.  Her musical interests were put on hold during her education and early part of her career as a physician.   At Burt’s suggestion, she recently learned to play bass guitar.  This shared interest has grown to include their children, who are developing strong musical foundations as well.

The couple began writing songs together in 2011.   For many months Burt felt compelled to write a song about cancer.  He recognized the prominence of the disease and understood the impact that music could have on those affected by cancer.  He knew that Mackenzie’s role as a doctor gave her a unique perspective in the experience of patients and families.  Mackenzie also began to feel inspired by his desire to help others.  She knew that the moment a cancer diagnosis was spoken, lives were changed.  Over the years of watching her patients and friends she had also realized that the people with the illness didn’t change.  They became stronger, and their natural values were more deeply ingrained by their desire to overcome their illness.

Curls On the Pillow is the result of their efforts to put the experience of women with cancer into words that bring strength and encouragement.  The couple hopes that this song will give hope to women and families who experience the changes in life that accompany cancer.

A special thank you is given to the musicians and vocalists who participated in the recording, and to Doug Archer for his assistance in creation of the beautiful album art.

Listen to Curls on the Pillow Here