Mission, Vision, & Values


The mission of HOPE Cancer Connection is to be a clearinghouse for information, resources, and programs benefiting the cancer survivor, co-survivor, and anyone whose life is touched by cancer.


HOPE Cancer Connection envisions a community that brings together cancer resources in the Fox Valley focused on enhancing the lives of cancer survivors and their supporters.


To always remember it’s about:

  • The people fighting cancer, including their family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues
  • Recognizing and supporting the change in someone’s life after surviving a cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Rebuilding lives
  • Being the single source for people whose lives are touched by cancer to turn to for guidance, support, and resources at any time during the journey


  • To provide the infrastructure in which existing and emerging cancer resources can be easily accessed
  • To be a hub connecting survivors, co-survivors, supporters, and community volunteers who want to give back to those in need
  • To be a credible resource where local physicians can direct their patients
  • To help generate new ways to support the cancer survivor and their supporters


HOPE Cancer Connection began as a committee of caring individuals who came together in 2010 with a passion to reach out to those on the cancer journey. We at HOPE Cancer Connection are especially grateful for the passion of one of our original co-founders, Shellie Stellrecht, who lost her battle with cancer in January of 2012. After building a board of directors and completing all the preliminary non-profit paperwork, HOPE received its official 501(c)(3) status in the fall of 2012.

What We Do

HOPE Cancer Connection, Inc. is the one place for you to get connected to what you need—support group, exercise program, specialized yoga class, nutritional information, survivor-to-survivor support, links to medically-approved websites, educational programs presented by area experts in their field, spiritually-based support, a place to laugh, caregiver support, guide to cancer related merchandise in the area, and a continuously growing network of connections.

Who We Are

HOPE Cancer Connection is a committee of individuals from many different backgrounds who are united in their passion—supporting those on the cancer journey. Seated on our committee are numerous health professionals; representatives from the American Cancer Society; community volunteers, and, most importantly, cancer survivors.

Executive Director and Co-Founder

Brenda Bonn
Brenda and her husband, Dennis, relocated to the Fox Valley from the Fox Valley in Illinois. Formerly experienced in management training and development, Brenda became a volunteer for a cancer resource drop-in center in the Chicago area. There, she saw the impact that free resources can have on the life of a cancer survivor and their loved ones. Upon moving to Wisconsin, Brenda began to network how she could bring support for the families who are on the cancer journey. Three years, many volunteer hours, many passionate people, and many prayers later, HOPE Cancer Connection of the Fox Valley was created with Co-Founder, John Fuller.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is comprised of business leaders from the community who have a deep connection to our mission and experience with the cancer journey, either personally or through a loved one.

  • Co-Founder — John Fuller | Dir. Franciscan Courts, Ascension Mercy Hospital
  • President — Cody Mares | Co-Founder, Elluvium Financial
  • Vice President — Kelly Glaser | Sr. Director Sales & Operations, Gordon Flesch Company, Inc.
  • Treasurer — Jeremy Van Groll | Founder, Nonprofit Bookkeeping
  • Secretary— Dennis Bonn | Vice President, Alta Resources
  • Board Member — Rhonda Ferrel | Facilities Director, Alta Resources
  • Member Emeritus/General Counsel — Kevin Eismann | Owner, Epiphany Law Firm

Medical Advisory Council

The Medical Advisory Council (M.A.C.) is comprised of area oncologists, physicians, and medical personnel in the Fox Valley area who approve all programs, services, and resources on HOPE’s website. M.A.C. provides the medical credibility for HOPE Cancer Connection resource referrals.

  • Dr. Robert Kohl
  • Dr. Rick D. Davis
  • Dr. Shamsuddin Virani
  • Dr. Jennifer Norden
  • Dr. Kamal Abbi
  • Virginia Schuller-Rach, RN
  • John Fuller


Can I ask one of the doctors on your committee about my diagnosis?

No. The goal of HOPE Cancer Connection is to support you in your diagnosis; we cannot give medical advice. We want to help you work more effectively with your medical team.

Is it possible to attend a support group at another health system than the one I’m being treated at?

Yes. The support groups and resources in the area are for individuals from all health systems.

Will I need permission from my doctor to participate in programs listed on your website?

Yes. Some programs require your doctor to determine if they are a healthy option for you. Your doctor simply needs to sign a form that can be mailed, emailed, or faxed to the program director.

Do health systems, businesses, and community services pay to be listed on HOPE’s website?

No. HOPE Cancer Connection wants to make it easier for you to find the resources you need in the Fox Valley area. We do not receive payment in any form for listing the resources on our website.

Our Partners

  • Coalesce
  • Element
  • Gordan Flesch Charitable Foundation
  • The YMCA Fox Cities
  • WI Cancer Council
  • Hoeksema Family Foundation
  • Marilyn K. Sullivan Foundation
  • Gallery K
  • Menasha Corporation Foundation
  • Epiphany Law
  • Fox Communities Credit Union
  • U. S. Oil
  • Ascension St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation
  • Fox Cities Morning Rotary Club
  • Rotary Club of Appleton West
  • Plexus
  • Appleton Youth Football Association
  • Winnebago County Sherriff’s Office
  • Harriett Johnson Memorial
  • Ed Hoeksema Memorial
  • Arrowhead Conveyor Corporation
  • United Way Fox Cities
  • Primary Care Associates
  • Wolf River Community Bank
  • Pinot’s Palette Appleton
  • Great Harvest Bread Company Neenah
  • HOPE Cancer Connection Board of Directors
  • Caring individual donors who believe in HOPE