Faith's Pink Fair

March 17, 2016-- Do you believe you can make a difference? Faith, a nine year old from the Fox Valley, believed she could make a difference in the life a breast cancer survivor. In May of 2015, with help from her friends and family, Faith raised over $800 for breast cancer survivors by having "Faith's Pink Fair. " Faith sold tiny pink flower pots decorated in fancy trim, cookies, face painting, and simply touched others with her "fair" - her goal was to raise $100. But when you step out for others and look beyond yourself, people respond with their hearts…and their wallets.  Faith's donation has begun to be put into action and now is sponsoring five women and their caregivers at the current A Time To Heal session, our free cancer survivorship program in partnership with Affinity Health. Faith wrote a letter to each "Breast Cancer Warrior", as she called them, describing her homemade craft and bake sale. Most importantly, Faith described her desire to help women who are going through breast. One nine year old girl followed her heart and made a difference. What can you do?


Team HOPE walks/runs the Sole Burner 2013

Each year the American Cancer Society hosts a fundraising event in downtown Appleton called the Sole Burner. On Saturday, May 11, 2013 the HOPE Cancer Connection team was excited to participate in this event. Given the freezing, rainy weather it really warmed our hearts to see the number of people that turn out for this great event - over 7,000 people ran/walked the streets and stretched on as far as the eyes could see! Michelle Richard, HOPE's website project manager, placed 23rd in the women's category... way to go Michelle! Team members stood on The Hill of Hope, the last half a mile of the course, and handed out cards announcing that HOPE's new website was coming soon. The Hill of Hope is the most challenging part of the course but it is nothing compared to cancer.

"Hopeful thinking can get you out of your fear zone and into your appreciation zone." Martha Beck

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