In the Midst of the Mist, Turn on the Fog Lights of God

Friday, February 6, 2015

"This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it" Psalm 118:24

Today is a day. Yesterday was a day. Tomorrow will (or most likely will) be a day. We cannot escape the reality that we always find ourselves in the midst of something that a particular day will bring. Sometimes a day brings the status quo, nothing much of a change from the day before with no unexpected events. Other times the day brings a swift change of circumstances, whether it comes from new information presented to us or some new experience or event in our lives. Whatever we may experience, God calls us to rejoice in the midst of this day.

What makes rejoicing difficult is when the "midst" we are experiencing today becomes more like a "mist" we must navigate through. Like driving through a heavy fog at night, the mist obscures the road ahead. We miss the road signs telling us where we are, where we should go, and what lies ahead.  The mist makes us anxious, nervous, and frightened. The normal headlights can't cut through the fog and putting on the high beams just accentuates the mist. To navigate our way in the midst of these conditions requires fog lights.

Today, I am in the midst of experiencing the joy of holding my 2nd grandchild for the first time. Born just two days ago, she is a beautiful baby girl. As I gaze into her sweet little face and let her tiny hand wrap around my index finger, it is easy to rejoice and be glad in the midst of today. The sun is out and the sky is clear.  No need for fog lights this day.

But even when I experience a day like today, a fog can still begin to form in my mind. The mist rolls and grows in many ways. For instance, as I hold her, I wonder what her future will be like. I begin to worry if she will be able to cope with the illnesses, pain, disappointments, and/or trials she may experience in her life ahead. I think about a failing economy and growing up in a society and culture that is on a downhill trend. I think about whether my own diagnosis of cancer and other health issues will keep me from experiencing the joys of watching her grow and mature. That kind of mind mist also makes me anxious, nervous, and frightened - even on a day when everything is as it should be.

If our perspectives can be blurred even on a wonderful day, imagine what can happen when the realities of the day bring horrendous news or tragic events. So, whatever the reason for the "mist" in our particular "midst", God wants us to turn on His fog lights. They give us the ability to see and enable us to navigate when the road ahead seems obscured. So here are some simple instructions on how to turn on God's fog lights.

God's Fog Lights:

1. Turn on the lights by TRUSTING in God for today. Believing that since God made this day, He knows about the day, He controls the day, and is faithful throughout the day.  Since we have no control over yesterday or tomorrow, trust Him today.

2.  The lights shine only so far ahead of you, but enough to see the turns    and way ahead (Psalm 119:105). If you are trying to see tomorrow and beyond, those lights don't reach that far. Focus on today.

3.  The lights will tend to be reflected on those things that God has provided.  So look for His blessings. By trusting God, focusing on today, and looking for blessings - We can rejoice and be glad even in the midst of the mist we experience.

Rob Strauss, Man of Many Hats and Recipient of God's Grace

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