Mission, Vision & Values


The mission of HOPE Cancer Connection is to be a clearinghouse for information, resources and programs benefiting the cancer survivor, co-survivor and anyone whose life is touched by cancer.


HOPE Cancer Connection envisions a community that brings together cancer resources in the Fox Valley focused on enhancing the lives of cancer survivors and their supporters.


To always remember it's about:

  • The people fighting cancer, including their family, friends, neighbors and colleagues
  • Recognizing and supporting the change in someone's life after surviving a cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Rebuilding lives
  • Being the single source for people whose lives are touched by cancer to turn to for guidance, support and resources at any time during the journey


  • To provide the infrastructure in which existing and emerging cancer resources can be easily accessed
  • To be a hub connecting survivors, co-survivors, supporters, and community volunteers who want to give back to those in need
  • To be a credible resource where local physicians can direct their patients
  • To help generate new ways to support the cancer survivor and their supporters

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